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Why Choose LimoLiner?

LimoLiner Executive Travel


LimoLiner Luxury Coach Experience

Travel between New York and Boston and enjoy the experience by feeling right at home! LimoLiner removes the hassle of traveling by enjoying best-in-class service, essential amenities and exceptional relaxation. The personal service given by our onboard attendants ensures that you are comfortable and enjoying all the quality experiences that LimoLiner offers to make your trip memorable.

It's more than just an extraordinary way to travel. LimoLiner also offers our business travelers the convenience of high-quality, state-of-the-art amenities and services that enhances productivity en route.

LimoLiner - keeping you comfortable and connected while on the go!

  • Free Wi-Fi            - high-speed phone access, no more dead spots or dropped calls
  • Free Wireless       - IM, send/receive e-mails, or browse the web on our dual-channel network
  • Power Outlets      - seat side access to recharge your cell phone or hook-up to your laptop
  • Business-Class    - luxurious leather recliners, tray tables at your seat ... and more*
  • Personal Service  - our courteous and helpful onboard attendant will serve you at your seat
  • Free Beverages   - coffee, tea, soda, juice or water
  • Free Meals           - free warm, cold or vegetarian meal options are served at your seat 
  • Free Snacks         - we always have a variety of tasty dry snacks on board.
  • Free Wine            - enjoy a complimentary glass of wine (on evening trips only)
  • Hot Towels           - enjoy the treat, helps you stay fresh on the trip
  • Power Source      - 110-volt electrical plug outlet available
  • Free Movies        - choose from our onboard selection of DVD movies
  • Comfort               - ask the Attendant for flush fleece blankets and pillows
  • Restroom            - we have a large, clean restroom onboard
  • Luggage              - two bags (each at 50 pounds) can be stored in the luggage bay

*Seat configuration may vary from vehicle to vehicle

LimoLiner vs. Air or Train Travel

Long ticket & security lines, overcrowded terminals and stationsAdvance Reservation System allows travelers to board up to five minutes before departure
Unproductive travel time; out of contact with colleagues and clientsProductive, all the time. Business travelers enjoy unlimited Internet access and constant cell phone reception
Frequent delays/cancellations due to foul weather, crew and mechanical issuesComfortable luxury coaches with a history of superior service and reliability
Airport parking is often far away with long walks to gatesConvenient curbside boarding at all pick-up and drop-off locations
On-board food and beverage is expensive and not that greatComplimentary beverage, snack and light meal service is served at your seat by our attendant.
Lost luggage or long waiting time for your baggageBaggage cannot get delayed or lost - curbside unloading upon arrival is convenient and immediate
Unclean and unattractive restroomsSparkling clean restroom offers more space and comfort
Cramped seating with little leg roomComfortable, business-class, leather seating in a luxurious, spacious cabin (only 28 passengers max)
Difficult to catch the attendant's attention for serviceAn able and willing onboard personal attendant is always within calling distance