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Why This Large Equipment Dealer Only Rides With LimoLiner On Its Yearly Excursions

Bob Rosa, of C.N. Wood Co. Inc located in Avon, Massachusetts, sells, rents, and repairs large construction equipment and parts. With six different locations throughout the northeast, C.N Wood maintains one of the region’s largest fleets of heavy equipment. 

Their Challenge: Travelling Comfortably With A Large Group of Customers

Having been in business since 1962, C.N. Wood understands that happy customers who feel taken care of are the key to success. To develop good relationships and delight their customers, C.N. Wood goes on a yearly tour of the Volvo factory with a group of approx. 28 customers so they can see where and how the heavy equipment is made. 

“As anyone in this business knows, everything is dependent on satisfied customers. If you take care of them, and they trust you, long-term relationships form. We’re honored that much of our business comes from repeat customers.” 

-Bob Barelle, Vice President, C.N. Wood Co. Inc

However, the Volvo factory, which is located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is a seven and a half-hour drive away from C.N Wood offices in Avon. Making the trek in a fleet of cars would be stressful and uncomfortable for their valued customers. 

Besides the challenge of car travel, air travel didn’t make a better option. The logistics of planning air travel and ground transportation to and from the airports for such a large group would be difficult, time-consuming, and equally stressful.

The Solution: Chartering A Private LimoLiner

So, how did Bob Rosa solve the problem of planning an interstate road trip to the Volvo factory with a group of 28 customers? Intelligently.

Rosa contacted LimoLiner and discussed the option of chartering a private LimoLiner for the trip. With LimoLiner, Rosa was able to provide his group with transportation from Avon, Massachusetts directly their destination in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  

The LimoLiner offered his customers the chance to engage with one another in a luxurious, business class setting complete with wifi, on-board movie entertainment, and power outlets. On top of that, complete meal, drink, and snack services provides by LimoLiner made sure Bob Rosa and his group didn’t go hungry. 

“Certainly one of the highlights is LimoLiner’s beautiful and well-kept coach. Patti Levin-Breen is always on point with the menu and schedule. Our driver, Kevin, and attendant, Jimmy, make for a great trip. Can`t wait to do it again.”

-Bob Rosa, Sales Representative, C.N. Wood Co. Inc

The Results: Happy, Comfortable Customers &  A Fun, Stress-Free Trip

Charting a private bus with LimoLiner for their round trip travel meant the C.N. Wood group had a confusion-free, enjoyable experience. Being picked up and dropped off at the group’s desired locations made for a less stressful trip than what air travel could offer. 

C.N. Wood and their customers enjoyed the luxurious leather recliners in the cab and the onboard attendants who ensured everyone was comfortable and pleased. 

“Each group of 28 customers has been treated to an enjoyable and memorable experience. This mode of travel offers a great opportunity for our group to relax and interact with one another. My group can relax and enjoy the trip!”

-Bob Rosa, Sales Representative, C.N. Wood Co. Inc

No worry about lost baggage. No frustrating lines at TSA at the airport. Comfortable, spacious seating. And outstanding, personalized customer service. A LimoLino private charter proved to be an experience air travel just can’t compete with when it comes to group travel. 

In fact, Bob Rosa and the C.N. Wood team were so happy with their LimoLiner charter, they’ve been booking it for their annual Volvo factory trip for four years straight and are already planning next year’s excursion with us.

Need Help Planning Your Group’s Travel?

If you’re planning travel for your group and need assistance figuring out the best route, get in touch with us here at LimoLiner.  We’re here to help!